Hiker Finds Dog After It Was Stranded for 6 Weeks on a Mountain

The dog's owners made a plea on Facebook for anyone to help find her.

After six agonizing weeks apart, a couple has been reunited with their beloved dog as the animal was miraculously found alive on a Colorado mountain.

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Chloe’s owners, Larry Osborne and Anouk Patel, looked everywhere for their cherished pet, even posting an appeal on Facebook in an effort to find her.

Total strangers joined in on the hunt for Chloe, but as the weeks went by, the worried owners began to lose hope, knowing the chances she could survive on the 14,000-foot mountain by herself were slim.

But even as hope faded, Sean Nichols and Trinity Smith went up the mountain looking for Chloe. Shockingly, they were able to find her.

“Once I got there, I could see a little head pop up and hear her barking,” he told Inside Edition.

He climbed until the sound got louder and found Chloe on a ledge on Mount Bross, emaciated and scared.

“She came down into my chest and there was such an incline that we just slid [down the mountain],” he recalled.

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After six weeks stranded on the mountain, Chloe was down to 26 pounds, but doctors say she will be just fine.

“We love our dog and we almost gave up, but he is back with us and that is the best thing in the world,” Patel told Inside Edition.

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