Anxious Crowd Tries to Catch Casey Anthony Trial

The nation is transfixed with every detail of the Casey Anthony trial, from bombshell family secrets to CSI-like forensic evidence, and every day would-be spectators are competing to get seats in the courtroom. INSIDE EDITION reports. 

At 5:30 a.m., scores of people raced to be the first on line for a seat in court. One guy even kept running after losing a shoe!

"I've been up since 2:30 and got here at 4:30 in the morning, so, long day," a spectator said.

The scene serves as a reminder of how emotionally invested Americans are in the Anthony trial.

INSIDE EDITION spoke with Shannon Wendt, a Florida mom who feels particularly attached to the Anthony trial. "This case actually really touches my heart. I've been following it since the beginning," Wendt said.

One person who doesn't have to wait to enter the court room? Casey Anthony's mom, Cindy. Upon viewing the crowd of people, she commented: "This is nuts today."

Each morning, family members walk directly past the lines of spectators.

"You are with the family in the same elevator, and you just want to hug them and say 'I'm sorry' but you just don't know what to say," Roxanne Ezzard, a spectator, said.

Some people are even giving up their vacations to be here, clamoring to get a look at Casey Anthony in person.

"It felt like, bone-chilling almost the first time I actually looked at her in person. It was a surreal experience," one bystander told INSIDE EDITION.

True Crime's Aphrodite Jones say it's the mysterious character of Casey Anthony that drives such frenzied fascination.

"The idea that she is evil, so evil on the inside and yet beautiful on the outside is an enigma... Just the curiosity of trying to get a glimpse of her in person and the Anthonys in person, and trying to understand, how did they produce such an evil monster?" Jones said.