Woman Booted Off Plane After Claiming to Crew That She Had Life-Threatening Pet Allergy

Two police officers came on board to forcibly remove the woman from the Southwest flight.

Southwest Airlines has apologized following a harrowing scene aboard a plane Tuesday in which a woman was forcibly removed after complaining about two dogs on board.

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On a flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles, the woman claimed to have a life-threatening pet allergy and demanded that two dogs be removed from the flight.

But when she couldn't produce any medical documents backing up her claim, she was asked to get off the plane and refused. That's when Maryland Department of Transportation Police were called to take the remove her.

Some fellow passengers were horrified at what they were seeing as the woman was pushed by authorities. Others pleaded with her to calm down and not struggle with the officers.

Passenger Bill Domas shot video of the incident.

"A lot of people on the plane, the passengers were saying ‘please, just walk off the plane'," he told Inside Edition. "The woman across from [her] was saying, ‘Don’t hurt yourself. Deal with the issue outside the plane. Don’t get hurt.'"

An increasing number of pet lovers are taking their dogs on planes. While some airlines allow up to eight pets per flight, that doesn't include service animals that travel for free.

The FAA says that passengers can expect to be exposed to pet dander on every flight, but most airlines will make an effort to seat you a passenger away from animals if they have an allergy.

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Southwest Airlines says passengers who say they are allergic to pets must produce a medical certificate.

In a statement to Inside Edition, the airline called the incident "disheartening,” adding, "We publicly offer our apologies to this customer for her experience."

The woman, who was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, was released on her own recognizance.

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