Is the Brass Bullet as Strong as the Commercial Shows? Team Puts Super Strong Hose to the Test

The commercial for Brass Bullet makes the super strong garden hose seem indestructible, but is it?

The commercial for Brass Bullet makes the super strong garden hose seem indestructible.

According to the TV ad, which features Home Improvement star Richard Karn, you can slam the hose with a hammer, run over it with a car and even bend it, but "it will never tangle or kink."

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Most incredibly, it will stop two big Ford pickup trucks in their tracks, the commercial shows.

Inside Edition wanted to see if the Brass Bullet holds up just like the commercial, so we got two Ford trucks and attached the Brass Bullet hose.

Testing the product were Rachel Rothman and Laurie Jennings from the Good Housekeeping Institute and “Big Bad” Richard Blackburne, a professional monster truck driver.

Inside Edition’s Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero got in one of the trucks and Blackburne climbed into the other.

Despite taking it slow at first, the hose broke off in no time, nothing like the commercial.

“Never even had my foot on the gas,” Guerrero says.

“That is a straight up failure,” Rothman added.

They did the test four times and it broke every time.

“I've seen that commercial — I was amazed by that commercial,” Blackburne said. “It failed again.”

Next, Inside Edition carried out the tire test. In the commercial, water flows through the hose even as a car tire sits right on it.

Our team set the water at full blast through the hose. As the tire moved onto the Brass Bullet hose, the flow rate for the water was reduced.

“This is so not what we saw in the commercial, absolutely not,” Guerrero said.

“Definitely an exaggeration in the commercial,” Jennings added.

Next came the hammer test. In the commercial, a Brass Bullet hose is placed on a cinder block.  A hammer then strikes the nozzle. Amazingly, the cinder block breaks but not the nozzle.

Guerrero hit the hose with the hammer and just like the commercial, the cinder block broke but the Brass Bullet kept on working.

"It's still working," she said. "In this case, the commercial had it right."

Finally, Inside Edition performed the bend test. In the commercial, they say the Brass Bullet will never tangle or kink no matter how hard it is bent.

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Guerrero bent the hose and the water continued to stream out, just like in the commercial.

What's the verdict?

“We had some tests where it did pretty well. So as a hose — a regular watering hose — great,” Jennings said. “If you want to keep two cars together, not so much.”

The company told Inside Edition they make a quality product and that customers always get a lifetime, money-back guarantee.

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