Anthony Weiner's Wife Standing By Her Man

They've been married less than a year and many expected Congressman Anthony Weiner's wife to be packing her bags because of the scandal, but she is reportedly standing by her man. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

She's standing by her man. That's the word today from the wife of disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Despite the growing scandal over Weiner's dirty photos, his wife Huma Abedin has "resolved to remain married to her husband," The Wall Street Journal says.

A friend was quoted as saying, "She is committed to her husband and her marriage."

On INSIDE EDITION's Facebook page, one viewer writes, "She should cut her losses and move on," but another says, "She should forgive and commit to her vows."

Abedin left Tuesday night for a trip to Africa with her longtime boss, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  

Abedin is Clinton's right hand. She was the point person for Mrs. Clinton when INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent met her on the 2008 presidential campaign trail.

The Clintons are said to be "deeply unhappy" about the embarrassment Weiner has caused their friend.

"She's been really close with the Clintons for a long time. Bill Clinton has had great things to say about her, he said she was like a second daughter to him," says's Karin Tanabe.  

Weiner reportedly called Bill Clinton to apologize.

It turns out that while Weiner was making his public confession at a press conference at the Sheraton Hotel, Abedin was upstairs in a hotel room, watching the drama unfold on TV.

Weiner is now under mounting pressure to resign from Congress.

Adding fuel to the fire is the claim by former porn star Ginger Lee that Weiner told her to lie just last week about their sexting relationship.

One constituent placed put up a sign at Weiner's district office reading, "Resign Pervert Weiner."

And actor Alec Baldwin says in the wake of the scandal, he may now run for Mayor of New York. Before the scandal broke, Weiner was a leading contender for the job.

"I wouldn't rule it out," Baldwin's spokesman said.

Weiner admits to conducting online relationships with six women.