Donkey Causes $6,000 in Damage on Orange Sports Car It May Have Mistaken for a Carrot

Cops said the incident may have occurred after the donkey, named Vitus, mistook the luxury sports car for a carrot.

Luxury vehicle owners may want to think twice about the paint job on their $356,000 sports car after this cautionary tale.

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A donkey named Vitus seemed to confuse a McLaren Spider — painted bright orange — for a carrot when it chewed the vehicle up, causing more than $6,000 worth of damage, APTN reported.

The car’s owner, Markus Zahn of Germany, said he parked his car in a lot that bordered a local donkey enclosure last year. When he returned to the car, the paint and a carbon-fiber attachment was damaged.

He later brought the donkey’s owner, who refused to pay for damages and suggested he should have found a better parking spot, to court.

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However, local media reported that the state court sided with Zahn Thursday, awarding him the damages.

It is unclear whether the donkey's owner will appeal the decision.

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