Juror Faints in Trial Over Eviscerated Pregnant Woman Whose Baby Was Stolen

A juror in the trial of accused murderer Ashleigh Wade passed out cold after the court was shown a photo of the victim.

A grisly evidence photo shown during the New York trial of a woman accused of cutting a baby out of her friend's womb apparently caused a juror to pass out.

The juror lost consciousness during graphic testimony given by a forensic pathologist in the murder trial of 22-year-old Bronx woman Ashleigh Wade.

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The New York Daily News reports it was in response to an enlarged image of victim Angelikque Sutton’s detached uterus and umbilical cord. As a result, the judge cleared the courtroom.

"It appears the juror fainted," the judge said following a 45-minute recess during which the juror was taken to a hospital to be checked out, though the judge said she had regained consciousness.

Earlier in the process, the judge made the rare move of allowing prospective jurors to opt out of serving on the trial due to its grisly nature.

Wade is accused of stabbing Sutton in November 2015 and taking her nearly full-term baby as Sutton bled to death.

A Bronx prosecutor outlined what she said was Wade's sick plot to fake her own pregnancy before claiming Sutton's as her own, DNA Info reports.

Investigators say Wade was not pregnant, but only living as if she were. She allegedly went so far as to buy baby clothes and tell her boyfriend and others a date when she was scheduled to be induced.

On Nov. 20, Wade was on her way to the courthouse to be married when she stopped by Sutton's apartment, according to prosecutor Meredith Holtzman's opening arguments.

Wade and Sutton were childhood friends who'd reportedly reconnected over Facebook and bonded over what Sutton believed was their respective pregnancies, prosecutors said.

Wade allegedly told Sutton she had a present for her. In Wade's apartment, however, prosecutors say Sutton received only a knife to the throat.

Holtzman said Wade fought back but was unable to stop her old friend from killing her.

"She was able to do it without causing any injury to the baby," said Holtzman. "It’s a miracle and it’s also proof of guilt."

While not refuting the facts of the case, the defense is reportedly calling the prosecution's version of Wade's motives into question.

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“Was this an intentional murder with the goal of kidnapping this baby or did something else go wrong?” defense attorney Amy Attias asked.

Wade has pleaded not guilty to murder and kidnapping charges.

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