Ex-Husband Rips Mom After She Allegedly Leaves Her 4 Kids Home Alone While She's in Europe

The woman's ex-husband spoke to Inside Edition exclusively.

An Iowa man is blasting his former wife for shirking her parental responsibility after she allegedly left her four children home alone while she took a European vacation.

Cops say Erin Lee Macke made no arrangements for child care before leaving the children, ages 6, 7, and 12-year-old twins before flying out of the country for eight days.

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The 30-year-old mom of four posted photos of herself on social media having a grand old time in Germany and on the Danube River.

Macke’s ex-husband, who is the father of the two youngest children, is outraged.

"I am really angry, but I wish I could say I am surprised, but I am not," Matthew Macke told Inside Edition.

He added: "In my eyes it was a clear, deliberate, intentional act.”

Cops say the day after the mom left the country, they got a tip the children were home alone in their apartment.

Child welfare officials went to the home and took the children to be with family members.

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Matthew Macke says the children are “doing well.”

Police got in touch with the mom in Germany and told her she needed to get home. But she didn't return for another seven days.

In court Friday, she defended herself and said that the children were not left alone. 

“If she wants to take a vacation, more power to her,” her ex-husband said. “But she has a responsibility as a parent.”

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