Cold Case Playing Cards Lead to Arrest in 2010 Murder

The cards are sold in Connecticut jails in an effort meant to generate tips.

An unusual method of generating tips in crimes whose trails have gone cold appears to be bearing fruit in Connecticut.

Two recent arrests have been made in connection with a set of playing cards depicting "cold case" murder victims.

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The cards are sold in Connecticut prisons but, instead of the kings and queens, they feature the victims' photos and stories about the cases.

On Tuesday, Norwalk police said they arrested 30-year-old Ibo Boone in connection with the 2010 murder of Michael Robinson. 

Robinson was featured on the most recent edition of the deck as the king of clubs. Along with a cold case, each card features a police tip line.

“While a case may be considered ‘cold,’ it is never closed," said Chief Thomas Kulhawik of the Norwalk Police Department. "I wish to thank all who worked so diligently on this investigation and to reaffirm our commitment to work to bring some sense of closure to families who have lost loved ones."

In the same deck of cards is Joseph Bateman, who was murdered in a suspected gang slaying in 2012. On Thursday, a break also came in his case with the arrest of 22-year-old Hakeem Atkinson.

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Bateman’s death was described on the nine of diamonds card.

Atkinson surrendered to Norwalk police Thursday morning. He is being held on $1 million bond and was arraigned at Norwalk Superior Court.

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