2 Pythons Fall From Skylight and Fight for Dominance in Family's Shower

Mom Petrina Murphy, 41, said her family knew the snakes were living on her roof, and she was just glad to finally get them off.

What’s more terrifying than two pythons fighting for dominance? Two pythons fighting for dominance inside your home.

An Australian mom recently walked into her bathroom to witness the snakes coiled around each other inside her shower.

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“I’m just glad the shower was clean so I was able to get some photos and video without it being embarrassing,” Petrina Murphy, 41, joked in an interview with Caters News.

She said her family has always known there were 30-pound snakes living on their roof from the sounds coming from the rafters, but they had never made an appearance until her 16-year-old son, Callum, was in the bathroom and spotted the reptiles.

The snakes tangled around each other through the skylight, so she used the handle of her broom to make them fall through the window in hopes of dealing with them once and for all.

“For people with a phobia it would be like something out of a nightmare, but I’ve never been particularly scared of snakes and we’re pretty used to them out here,” she explained. “I would much rather get rid of them myself and know they’re gone than have to deal with worrying about them finding their own way into the house.”

She let them fight for a couple minutes with their tails tangled in the shower before sweeping them outside.

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"They didn’t seem that bothered when I was sweeping them out," Murphy said. "Even though they were fighting, I knew they weren’t going to attack me. They were more focused on each other and pythons are actually usually pretty docile unless you annoy them.”

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