Lisa Ling Strips Down as Part of Her CNN Show: 'I Just Felt Compelled'

The 44-year-old got naked as part of a sex therapy session, an experience she called "a little emotional."

Journalist Lisa Ling has shared with Inside Edition insight on her decision to bare it all in the upcoming season premiere of This Is Life With Lisa Ling, the investigative docu-series she hosts on CNN.

“This is my most revealing season yet,” Ling says in a teaser for the episode that will air on Sunday.

In the promo, Ling can be seen undressing in front of a mirror.

The 44-year-old reporter spontaneously disrobed as part of a sex therapy session featured in the first episode.

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“At that moment, i just felt compelled,” Ling told Inside Edition. “It did make me feel better about my body. After having two kids, it was hard to look at myself.”

But Ling said her thought process eventually shifted.

“And then it got to the point where I [was] like, ‘I birthed two humans, why should I have hang-ups about my body?’ I should feel proud,” she said.

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Like its previous seasons, the fourth installment of This Is Life will highlight communities that are “unusual, extraordinary and sometimes dangerous,” CNN said in a statement.

A number of episodes are slated to focus on sex, and Ling is hosting a companion series to air online called This Is Sex.

“We are, as a culture, constantly promoting and publicizing sex, right?” Ling said. “It’s everywhere. But yet, we have a hard time talking about it.”

The new season of This Is Life With Lisa Ling premieres Sunday at 10 p.m. on CNN.

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