Mama Bear and Her Cubs Destroy Man's Car After He Flees Hurricane Irma With His Family

Travis Gonzalez said he didn't realize he had to lock his car doors in that area.

Just when this Florida family thought they escaped danger by evacuating ahead of Hurricane Irma, nature had a different surprise in store for them.

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Travis Gonzalez of West Palm Beach could be seen opening his car door to let a family of bears out of his SUV before dashing back into the house in a video he posted to Facebook.

“Oh my God, I’ve never seen this before in all my life,” his wife, who filmed the interaction, could be heard yelling in the background.

Gonzalez and his family were staying in a cabin in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., as they waited out the storm.

Unfortunately, he forgot to lock his car doors and returned to find the mother bear and her cubs ripping out parts of the dashboard, tearing off the rear view mirror and breaking the locks. The front seats of his car were also torn apart.

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“She wasn’t very cute and cuddly,” Gonzalez joked in an interview with

He said he had just gone fishing that morning and speculated that the bears had picked up the scent.

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