Climber Dies Saving Wife on One-Year Anniversary Trip: 'He Dived on Top of Me'

His wife suffered a fractured skull.

A Welsh man died saving his wife’s life during their one-year anniversary trip at Yosemite National Park on Thursday, reports said. 

Andrew Foster, 32, was on a three-week trip with his wife, Lucy, 28, when tragedy struck as 1,300 tons of rock fell from the El Capitan over a four-hour period, The U.S. National Park Service said.

The two were climbing in the park during the incident. 

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Lucy Foster reportedly told Andrew’s aunt that she was only alive because her husband shielded her from the rocks.

"She said 'Andrew saved my life. He dived on top of me as soon as he could see what was going to happen. He saved my life,’” Gillian Stephens, Foster's aunt, told the Times newspaper:

Andrew Foster was later found dead at the foot of the monolith by Yosemite park rangers. Lucy Foster suffered a fractured skull and was airlifted to a local hospital, reports said. 

Foster’s parents have reportedly travelled from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, to recover their son's body, BBC reported. 

"They are absolutely devastated. I can't tell you how upset they are," Stephens told the outlet. “They are absolutely devoted to their children.”

Park ranger Scott Gediman told the station it was a tragic situation of "wrong place, wrong time”.

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The couple, who lived in Cardiff, got engaged during a skiing holiday in the Alps in 2015 and they married the following year, according to reports. 

The couple ran a blog together titled “Cam and Bear” to share their joint love for outdoors. 

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