Woman Attacked at Movie Theater After Telling Other Patrons To 'Be Quiet'

Police are investigating.

A Colorado woman was assaulted in a movie theater after she told three people in the cinema to “be quiet.”

Heather Piper was at a movie Century 16 Belmar Theater in Lakewood on Thursday night when she said a couple of young patrons in her row began to make a lot noise during the film.

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“As the movie started going, three people were being extremely over-dramatic. They were climbing on top of their seats, climbing on top of each other so I asked them to be quiet several times, and they got more obnoxious and belligerent,” Piper told InsideEdition.com. “So I yelled at them to shush.”

Piper said they continued until a security guard came into the theater and they were then quiet.

But, after the movie when Piper was walking to her car, she said she was unexpectedly attacked.

“I heard screaming behind me. I turned around and this girl was on top of me. She was just screaming. She punched me in the face and my glasses came off,” Piper said. “She kept hitting me and all I think is ‘I can’t hit a child so I tried to grab her and hold her away from me.’”

Piper said the girl eventually ran away.  Piper, who is a foster mom, said she was shocked at the young woman’s behavior.

“I've had some tough teens in my house and never had any that behaved that way,” Piper said. “I worry that there's kids out there that think violence is the way to express themselves, and I hope if the girl has some trauma in her life or a rough home life she finds some help and some good role models to learn from.”

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Piper was taken to the hospital and suffered a fractured nose, a black eye and several scratches.

Lakewood police said they are investigating the incident and reviewing surveillance footage from that night.

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