Friendly Giraffe Helps Man Propose to His Girlfriend at Zoo

He'd preplanned the proposal.

A Missouri man proposed to his girlfriend with the help of a giraffe at a local zoo.

Officials at Dickerson Park Zoo said they attached Cody Hall’s engagement ring to a lanyard and hung it around the neck of a Mili on Sunday so that Hall could propose to his girlfriend, Makayla Blakey.

"Well giraffes are her favorite animal. I consider myself to be a romantic at heart and Makayla is so special to me, I really wanted to give her something that she'll never forget, and something we can tell our future family many years down the road," Hall told

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At the time, Blakey thought the couple was getting a behind-the-scenes tour of the zoo. Meanwhile, Hall's friend, Jesse Rollhaus, who works at the zoo, had helped set up the special surprise.

"Joey [a worker at the zoo] then told us on our way to the Giraffes that we're going to watch and help with a training exercise and feeding the giraffe Mili," Hall said. "The process began by getting Mili the giraffe into a small enclosure that only exposed the top part of her head and to point at a big tennis ball on a stick with her nose and every time she did it right we would feed her."

Finally, the zookeeper gave Hall a signal so that he would move the ball further away from the giraffe so she would have to stretch out and the ring around her neck would show.

It didn’t take long for Blakey to realize what was happening once Hall got down on one knee.

She said yes.

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The zoo shared photos of the special engagement on their Facebook page.

“We think Mili should be your honorary ring bearer on your big day,” the zoo wrote in a post.

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