Fourth Weiner Woman Emerges

A fourth woman has been identified as one of the women Congressman Anthony Weiner exchanged raunchy messages with online. INSIDE EDITION has the story.  

Traci Nobles, 34, is the fourth Weiner woman to come out of the woodwork.

The attractive blonde, a physical education teacher in Athens, Georgia, can officially be added to the list of women who exchanged sexually charged messages with Congressman Anthony Weiner.

According to their Facebook messages, Weiner called her "baby" and "sugar." Nobles responded: "Sup sexy."

Nobles joins a former porn star, a single mom from Texas, and a Vegas blackjack dealer in the sexting scandal.

Meanwhile, INSIDE EDITION'S exclusive interview with blackjack dealer Lisa Weiss is making headlines across the nation.

Weiss shared with us the intimate details of her raunchy exchanges with Weiner. Weiner once said to her, "I'm horny a lot, sorry," to which Weiss responded, "me too! u have that (effect) on me."

Presently, an ethics investigation is underway regarding whether or not Weiner used congressional resources to carry out his affairs. INSIDE EDITION'S Jim Moret asked Weiss whether or not Weiner ever contacted her via his work phone.

Lisa Weiss: "I don't want to get him in trouble by saying this…He called me from a Congress phone, however, it was at one o'clock in the morning, after he was done working."
Jim Moret: "How did you know?"
Weiss: "I called the number back and it said, 'This is a Congress phone number. It doesn't accept incoming calls.' "

Despite the obscene nature of their online exchanges, Weiss contends that she and Weiner never had phone sex.

"He was very shy on the phone. We talked politics. I said, 'Hi, it's nice to actually talk to you.' It wasn't this big phone sex conversation at all," she said.

Initially, Weiss found the liberal politician incredibly sexy. Since the scandal, however, her feelings have definitely changed.

Moret: "To be blunt, do you think the congressman is sleazy?"
Weiss: "Yeah, he is sleazy, and I feel like he made me look sleazy and he made me say sleazy things.
Moret: "Do you think the congressman has a problem?"
Weiss: "I think he just gets bored and does this."

Even so, don't expect Weiss to change her political views.

Moret: So, you're a Republican.
Weiss: Oh God, don't even say that!

The Weiner Scandal appears to be having an impact on Capitol Hill. Since the incident made headlines, members of congress have decreased their twitter activity by 28%.

Despite all the calls for him to resign, Weiner told the New York Post today that he plans to stay in office.