Las Vegas Shooting Witness Recalls Moment Cop Became Her 'Guardian Angel'

Gail Davis gave a graphic account of what she experienced outside Mandalay Bay.

Stories of horror are pouring out of Las Vegas in the wake of Sunday night's music festival massacre after a gunman opened fire on revelers outside Mandalay Bay.

But as the death toll reached 58 Monday, tales of heroism and bravery began to emerge as well.

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Jason Aldean fan Gail Davis recounted how the night's gruesome events also included a "guardian angel."

"All of a sudden we heard about three or four little pop, pop, pops, and everybody looked around," Gail told CBS News.

She along with most concertgoers believed that they'd only heard fireworks before realizing it was the sound of gunfire.

"And then everybody started screaming and started to run," she said.

Then Davis said saw a woman shot in the abdomen. 

"This girl had been standing right beside me, and she had fallen," Davis said. "First, she stood there and she grabbed her stomach and she looked at her hands and her hands were all bloody... and she just kind of screamed and she just fell back."

As Davis and her husband fled to a concession area, she said she met a Metro police officer.

"[He] grabbed us, he said, 'Come here.' And we went running inside and the lights were on, and everything else was dark -- they turned the stage lights off -- and we went running in there, and he said, 'Get down.' So we got down," Davis said. "My husband was in front of me, and there was another two ladies behind us, and the officer actually covered up to protect me from being shot because I couldn't get out all the way."

Through multiple rounds of gunfire and the ensuing chaos, Davis said the officer never left her side.

"He was like my guardian angel; he never left me," Davis said.

Davis was thankful for the protection that so many were not afforded. 

"As were running, there's people laying everywhere. People were bleeding," Davis recalled. "One guy was holding his girlfriend or wife or woman. He was crying and saying, 'Oh God, baby, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. It's my fault.' I think she had been shot in the head, 'cause she was covered with blood."

More than 500 people were injured in the shooting, some of them critically, and at least 58 people were killed. The shooting replaced Orlando's Pulse nightclub massacre as the deadliest in modern American history.

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Cops later found Paddock dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a hotel room, surrounded by as many as 10 firearms, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said Monday.

Authorities had been alerted to his location thanks to a smoke alarm that went off in the room, presumably triggered as a result of the shots fired.

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