Video Shows Concertgoers Huddled in Freezer in Desperate Bid to Escape Vegas Carnage

Like many other revelers, they thought the first shots were fireworks.

Harrowing video of concertgoers huddled in a giant walk-in freezer backstage as absolute mayhem unfolded around them Sunday in Las Vegas has been released.

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The man who led them there was Bryan Hopkins, who performs with the country group Elvis Monroe.

Hopkins and his bandmate, Ben Carey, were out enjoying the show like thousands of other country fans at the Route 91 Harvest festival when they suddenly heard loud pops.

Hopkins said they initially "didn't think anything of it," believing it was "fireworks," he told Inside Edition. He and his bandmates then saw people falling down and realized it was gunfire. 

They took off running, but quickly lost each other in the chaos. Hopkins decided to head backstage and tried to cross a barricade, but found himself trapped.

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He then went with other people into a walk-in freezer where he tried to keep everyone calm. When the gunfire finally ended after a long four-and-a-half minutes, they all left the cooler.

Following the events, Hopkins took to social media to give an update to fans.

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