Usher Who Tackled Gunman During Tennessee Church Shooting Said He Is No Hero

One woman was killed by the alleged gunman.

An usher who was lauded after tackling a gunman in a Tennessee church says he’s not the hero — God is.

Robert Caleb Engle is the man credited with stopping alleged shooter Emanuel Kidega Samson, 25, when the suspect stormed into the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch and reportedly shot several parishioners.

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“Good always wins. We can definitely say God was with us last week,” Engle told CBS.

His arm was wrapped in a sling.

The alleged gunman accidentally shot himself in the chest during a scuffle with Engle, according to reports, in which the usher was pistol-whipped.

Police had previously called Engle “an exceptionally brave individual.”

Engle asked the public to keep his family and church family in their prayers.

Samson allegedly killed 39-Year-Old Melanie Smith in the parking lot of the church before entering the building and opening fire on Sept. 24.

A minister at the church, Joey Spann, suffered gunshot wounds to the chest and finger and was released from the hospital Thursday.

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Spann said he was doing well and praying for his wife, who remains in the hospital.

There were two other people injured in the shooting. They are also still receiving medical treatment in the hospital.

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