Cuddly Red Panda Cubs Seen Wrestling and Bonding With Mom at Zoo

The brothers were born in August.

The Denver Zoo welcomed two baby red pandas into the world last month, and the cubs are now thriving.

The cubs, both male, were born Aug. 27, but they are still too young to be on public display, zoo officials said.

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The brothers have not yet been named, but are reportedly the second litter for their parents, Faith and Hamlet.

The boys, who weigh just over one pound, are spending time behind the scenes bonding with their mom in a nest box, zoo officials said.

When they are big enough to be visible to the public, they will join their dad in the zoo’s red panda enclosure.

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The cubs are being closely monitored, following some supplemental feedings they received in their first days of life.

Now the cubs are doing well as they relax and wrestle with one another.

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