Inside Stephen Paddock's 1,700-Square-Foot Mandalay Bay Suite Where He Staged Killing Spree

It has been revealed that Stephen Paddock used 10 pieces of luggage to get 23 firearms into the hotel.

Video of the Las Vegas shooter's Mandalay Bay hotel suite has been revealed following Sunday’s tragedy.

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Stephen Paddock's room is now roped off with police crime scene tape. Down the hallway, a room service tray of food is discarded. Through a crack in the door, one of Paddock's weapons can be seen.

The 64-year-old stayed in the Vista Suite, which boasts 1,700 square feet of space with a wraparound view overlooking the Vegas strip.

Somehow, Paddock snuck in 23 guns in 10 pieces of luggage without housekeeping ever raising a red flag.

More is also being learned about how the massacre was staged.

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Paddock used a hammer to shatter the floor-to-ceiling windows. Then he opened fire into the crowd at the 15-acre concert site 32 stories below, using a two-legged bipod and a gun platform.

The killer apparently fitted a special shoulder stock to increase the rate of fire of his semi-automatic weapons.

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