Twins Who Were Shot in Vegas Massacre Describe Harrowing Ordeal: 'Total Shock'

They are stories of survival amid a grim turn-of-events.

Some of the hospitalized victims of Sunday's mass shooting in Las Vegas are opening up about the injuries they sustained and the horror they faced as a crazed gunman shot up an outdoor concert.

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Shooting victim Gianna Baca has been at her identical twin sister's bedside at a Las Vegas hospital.

The 17-year-old twins were both shot during Sunday’s mass shooting, which claimed 59 lives and injured more than 500 people at the Route 91 Harvest festival as singer Jason Aldean performed.

Gianna and Natalia were enjoying the concert when the spray of gunfire rang out. Gianna was hit in the hip. 

"I felt it hit my hip," Gianna said as tears rolled down her cheeks. "I knew I was okay."

Natalia suffered a more serious wound, shot in the shoulder. The bullet also punctured her lung. She said she went into "total shock" after taking the bullet. 

Addison Short, 18, was hit in the leg. "It felt like fire," she told Inside Edition.

“It just took me down, and once I got back up, it literally felt like my foot was just dangling,” she added.

She says a good Samaritan hauled her into a taxi that rushed to the hospital. All she could think about was her mother.

“All I wanted to do was see her and hug her. Once I got to the hospital and I saw her, I can't even describe how I felt to just hug her,” Short said.

The bullet is still lodged in her leg. She is having surgery to remove it Wednesday.

Thomas Gunderson, 28, spoke to Inside Edition from his hospital bed after being shot in the leg.

He said that after gunfire broke out, he helped pull people over railings to safety. He said he and some other men noticed flashes of light coming from the Mandalay Bay and headed towards the hotel.

“In that moment, I had so much anger and zero fear to what he could do to me,” Gunderson said. “I felt like he couldn’t do anything to me. I wanted to kill him. That was my goal in going that way."

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But as soon as he headed towards the hotel, he was shot in the leg.

"I hit the ground and within seconds, I was in puddles of blood," he said. "I was just so mad that this guy got me. It is not so much the emotions of getting shot but the emotions that I could have done more.”

He took off his shirt and wrapped his leg as tightly as he could until help arrived. He says two female off-duty police officers came to his aide and dragged him to safety. Gunderson says he would love to meet the two heroes who saved him to thank them.

“I did my best to help people and saw others doing the same thing,” he said. “People were doing whatever they could to help out… People were risking their lives to save my life.”

He added that “what I am trying to focus on is the good that I saw” and believes that the country can be united through such tragic events. He said he witnessed the “worst” of humanity by one person but also “witnessed the best by 30,000."

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