Casey Anthony Breaks Down Over Photos of Caylee's Remains

Casey Anthony was led from the courtroom today after becoming ill following a day of dramatic and harrowing testimony. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Casey Anthony was led from court today after becoming ill following harrowing testimony about the death of her daughter Caylee.

It was a dramatic end to a day of raw emotion.

The jury heard the chilling 911 call made moments after Caylee's body was discovered.

Caller: "This is Orange County Utilities emergency dispatch. We've found a human skull!"
911 Operator: "Oh my Gosh!"
Caller: "I know."

It was day of graphic testimony and Casey, who has sat stone-faced through most of the trial, finally broke down when she saw horrific photographs of Caylee's remains

Caller: "One of my meter readers supposedly has found a skull that we believe is human."
911 Operator: "What's the location?"
Caller: "In the Caylee Anthony area, right by the school."
911 Operator: "Ohhhhhh! He's not touching this I hope."

"It was horrifying and you realize you're watching what has happened to this child. It was one of the most horrifying things I've ever seen and I've been in a lot of courtrooms," says True Crime's Aphrodite Jones.

Caylee had been missing for six months when meter reader Roy Kronk discovered her remains in dense woods near the Anthony family home.

The first deputy on the scene described what he saw in court: "I walked over to it. I stood over the skull. Looked at it and we left the area right away."

Judge Belvin Perry cautioned spectators not to react to the horrific photos.

"Please govern yourselves accordingly. If you can't, the court deputies will be assisting you out of the courtroom if you show any reactions, ok?

But despite the warning, spectators looked stunned by the pictures.

And it all appeared to be too much for Casey.