Cop Fires at Actor Playing Robber in Heart-Pounding Mix-Up Caught by Body Cam

Indiana State Police released the footage this week.

Next time maybe apply for permits?

Bodycam footage released by Indiana State Police reveals why you should always let authorities know when you're shooting a film, especially if it depicts a robbery.

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The video out of Crawfordsville shows a town police officer approach the door of a bar, gun drawn.

When he spots an armed man in the bar, the Crawfordsville police officer orders him to drop his weapon, the video shows.

In an instant, the officer fires as the suspect turns toward him. 

Uninjured, the man identified by authorities as actor Jim Duff drops the gun and pulls off his mask.

“We’re doing a movie,” Duff said.

After a moment's hesitation, the cop says, "Excuse me?" before demanding the man get on the ground. 

Cops said that neither the production company nor the Back Step Brewing Company, where the independent film was being shot, notified officials that the film shoot was taking place.

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"If you don’t know it is a movie scene, how are you supposed to react?" Indiana State Police spokeswoman, Sgt. Kim Riley, told reporters. "I know if it was my situation, I probably would have done the same thing."

Thankfully, the situation was quickly diffused without any injuries.

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