These Baby Chameleons Are So Tiny, They Fit on the Tip of a Finger

The trio hatched in August at the Chester Zoo.

These itty bitty baby chameleons are so tiny that they can fit on the tip of your finger

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Each of the Cameroon two-horned mountain chameleon babies, which hatched in August at the Chester Zoo in England, is only two inches long, about the size of a Brussels sprout.  

“Even as babies they have their iconic large eyes which, at their current size, may appear a little too big for their body,” the zoo’s lead herpetology keeper, Adam Bland, said in a statement. “However, these give them 360-degree arc vision so they can see in two different directions at once and look out for predators.”

Adult males can grow to nearly 10 inches, while adult females reach about 8 inches.

In addition to being tiny, Bland explained the species is known for their unusual appearance.

“They’re sometimes referred to as the Cameroon sailfish, owing to a sail-like flap of skin running along their backs,” he explained. “The males of the species boast two large horns just above their upper jaw, which they use for jousting with other males.”

Males can also turn from green to blue during mating season.

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The species is threatened by extinction in the wild due to loss of natural habit and the illegal pet trade.

Mom Ruby’s hatching of the three babies is a part of the zoo’s ongoing effort to repopulate the species.

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