Hair Weave Thieves Seize Thousands of Dollars in Merchandise

There's a new crime wave sweeping the country. Thieves are taking pricey hair extensions! INSIDE EDITION talks to the owner of a salon (pictured right) that sells the coveted luxury hair. 

Surveillance cameras captured thieves in actions, their arms filled with valuable merchandise. But the loot–human hair–is certainly not your typical stolen good!

The hair thieves are sophisticated, targeting only expensive hair extensions imported from India. There, women shave their heads as part of a cultural ritual.

New York City's Indique Boutique co-owner Erica Dotson told INSIDE EDITION that silky hair called "Remy" is prized for its purity and manageability.

"This hair ranges anywhere in retail value from $90 to $1,000," Dotson said. "It's just like anything in the luxury goods market. Not everyone can obtain it, and some people will do anything they can to get it."

Such criminals are striking all over the continental United States. A boutique in Atlanta was robbed of $10,000 in luxurious locks. In Chicago, thieves made off with $90,000 in extensions. But hair bandits hit the jackpot in Houston, Texas when they stole $150,000 worth of weaves!

Cops say the thieves often resell the hair on the street or on eBay.

It's a crime that's truly hair-raising, and these brazen crooks will clearly stop at nothing to get their goods.