Abandoned Sea Otter Gets Lots of TLC at Alaskan Wildlife Center

Animal wildlife workers have dubbed the abandoned, 3-month-old otter 'Kasilof,' after the area where he was found.

This baby is really being babied.

An abandoned sea otter has been rescued, thanks to the Alaska SeaLife Center and the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, which sent an expert to Seward to pitch in for the around-the-clock effort to care for the 3-month-old pup.

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The tiny animal was starving and dehydrated when he was found on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. His insulating layer of fur was in terrible condition, leaving him vulnerable to hypothermia, rescuers said.

Workers bottle-feed the otter every three hours and offer him bits of solid food, including clams and fish. They are also teaching him to groom himself. He even gets his fur blow-dried.

He has been named Kasilof, after the area where he was found.

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Eventually, he will be moved to the center’s “ISeaU” for extended care.

Staff said they were cautiously optimistic the pup would make a full recovery.

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