Food Truck Serves Hundreds of Free Meals Daily Following Las Vegas Massacre

Dragon Grille and other local restaurants on wheels have been stationed in front of hospitals to make sure doctors and other volunteers have food.

A Las Vegas food truck that was once a caterer at the Route 91 Harvest Festival is giving back to their community by serving free meals to anyone affected by Sunday's horrific shooting.

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Dragon Grille, a restaurant on wheels known for serving sliders and bulgogi, has been parked in front of different hospitals and hotels around Las Vegas every day since the mass shooting.

“We just wanted to show the world it doesn’t matter how big the city is,” owner Christian Guzman told “We still have small town mentality, and we can come together as a whole and help when help is needed.”

Guzman, who has operated the food truck since 2012, said a friend working at a non-profit reached out to him Monday, offering to compensate his business if they agreed to cater to their volunteers.

Heartbroken by what had happened at a music festival his food truck has worked in years past, he agreed to help, but refused the money.

“I’ve been doing that event for the past three years, it just happened this year they didn’t call me to do it,” he said. “That kind of pushed me to wake up, knowing I could have been there.”

Guzman said he then called other food trucks in the area, including 50 Shades of Green, Cousins Maine Lobster, Pablo’s Kitchen, Stripchezze and Blitz Boba, and asked if they would also volunteer their time and resources to feed medical staff and other people affected by the shooting for free.

“Everybody was actually happy to help,” he said. “Some of the other trucks saw us, so they decided to step in too.”

Guzman estimated that he and the seven cooks in his truck alone have served 500 meals daily for the last four days, which would have normally total earnings of up to $7,500 per day.

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Despite fears over the music festival shooting, which led to at least 59 deaths and hundreds of injuries, Guzman said Dragon Grille will soon return to business as usual.

“We’re still in shock. We’re still trying to wrap our head around everything that’s going on,” he said. “But [large events are] basically our bread and butter. We can’t be afraid all the time.”

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