Why This Mom Went Through 9 Hours of Cosmetic Surgery to Look Like Melania

Claudia Sierra underwent plastic surgery from head to toe in an effort to look more like the first lady.

This Houston mom has undergone plastic surgery in hopes of looking more like first lady Melania Trump.

Claudia Sierra is an interior designer in Texas and underwent a total of nine plastic surgery procedures to resemble Trump’s third wife.

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“Melania Trump is the most beautiful woman,” she told Inside Edition. “What is there not to like? She's perfect to me. She is the perfect woman.”

Prior to the surgery, the 42-year-old divorcee has already bought hair extensions and clothes to match Mrs. Trump’s style.

“I know that I’m going to get a lot of criticism,” she said. “That I should not want to look like anyone else.”

But her friends cheered her on, with one saying, “I support any decision she makes.”

Sierra enlisted Dr. Franklin Rose of Houston to perform the surgeries, which include an eye lift, fat grafts in her temples and cheeks, rhinoplasty, breast implants, a tummy tuck, liposuction on her thighs and back and a Brazilian butt lift. Her reconstruction took a total of nine hours.

The mom of two reassured her sons, 16 and 11, that she'll be fine. She assured them that she was just a little scared but “still going to have the same eyes and the same voice.”

She emerged from surgery with her face covered in bandages, and had a major recovery ahead of her.

After weeks of healing, the swelling went down and she was finally ready to debut her stunning transformation.

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She showed off her new look off to her friends during a celebration at Houston's 51Fifteen restaurant, and the crowd went wild as she revealed her transformation.

“I was shocked — I didn’t recognize her," said Dr. Rose, who attended the event. "I said, ‘Is that Melania Trump?'"

Sierra said she is “overwhelmed” and "excited" about her new look.

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