Special Needs Boy, 4, Killed After Mother Sets Him on Fire in Bathtub: Cops

The charred body of Little Antonio was discovered in a Milwaukee home.

A Wisconsin mother stands accused of inflicting unimaginable pain on her special needs son and ultimately causing his death.

A criminal complaint filed in Milwaukee alleges that Amelia DiStasio, 23, set her 4-year-old son on fire in a bathtub last month.

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When police found the boy, who had autism, investigators say his lifeless body was almost totally burned.

Even more shocking, the complaint says little Antonio's hands were found bound behind his back with multiple belts and a plastic garbage bag was over his head, WDJT reported.

A pet guinea pig was reportedly found drowned in a cage near the bathtub, as was an open bottle of cooking oil.

Authorities arrived to DiStasio's apartment Sept. 28 in response to a call about smoke. They found the body, but not the suspect, when they arrived.

Neighbors told WDJT they heard screams and the victim yelling, "Please mommy, stop! I won't do it again!" the night before, according to the complaint. 

Investigators say a resident of the apartment complex saw DiStasio climb out a window and run away.

The mother was found nearby and placed under arrest.

Detectives say DiStasio had searched the web for "how do canabals [sic] die" and accessed a message board about an online survival game in which the player fights cannibals.

The internet searches were notable, investigators say, because the message board said to kill cannibals with fire and included a post that said cannibals like to bathe in oil.

DiStasio is being held on $400,000 bond.

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Meanwhile, a GoFundMe page has been created by someone who claims to be Antonio's grandparent.

"I would really appreciate help for funeral expenses and other costs related to the funeral. This is a traumatic situation for me and my family. He was a loving, smart, 4 year old autistic child. Any help would be greatly appreciated," the page reads.

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