Prison Worker Allegedly Caught Having Sex With Convict at Site of Real-Life 'Shawshank' Escape

Two killers escaped the Clinton Correctional Facility two years ago with the help of another female worker.

A female prison employee was allegedly caught in a sex act with a convict at the same facility where a worker famously helped two killers escape two years ago.

Officials at New York State's Clinton Correctional Facility — site of the 2015 Shawshank Redemption-style prison break of Richard Matt and David Sweat — said this week that prison worker Denise Prell was seen having sexual contact with one of the prisoners.

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The 38-year-old was arrested Wednesday, two years after prison seamstress Joyce Mitchell helped Matt and Sweat pull off a daring escape that made national headlines and saw the duo living on the lam for weeks.

Prell was arraigned on charges of first-degree promoting prison contraband, a felony, along with third-degree sexual abuse and 23 counts of official misconduct, which are misdemeanors, the Plattsburgh Press Republican reported.

Prell was reportedly a part-time employee of the prison in Dannemora, a northern New York village located south of Montreal.

The Press Republican reports that Prell even filled in as tailor shop supervisor, the same position Mitchell held during her sexual relationship with Richard Matt.

Like Mitchell, Prell was married at the time of the alleged sexual misconduct. 

"Despite this staff person’s attempt to conceal an inappropriate relationship with an inmate, the vigilant awareness of DOCCS and subsequent investigation by both DOCCS Office of Special Investigation and the State Police prevented what could have otherwise been a security breach," Department of Corrections and Community Services spokesman Thomas Mailey said in a statement.

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Prell was assigned a public defender, who told reporters his client has pleaded not guilty on all counts.

Officials have declined to release the inmate's name but said he is 42 years old.

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