Weiner's Wife Puts On a Brave Face

Despite her husband's sexting scandal and calls for his resignation, Huma Abedin was photographed smiling as she left Abu Dhabi with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Huma Abedin, wife of besieged Congressman Anthony Weiner, left Abu Dhabi on Friday with her boss, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In spite of the scandal, Abedin smiled politely as photographers snapped away.

Both Hillary and Bill Clinton are said to have had "icy and tough" phone conversations with Weiner, who is facing mounting calls to resign over the sexting scandal.

Fran Drescher was born and raised in the New York borough that Weiner represents.

"I'm so surprised because I know him and I know his lovely wife," Drescher said. "I feel bad for both of them because it's very unfortunate."

Ironically, Drescher stars in a new sitcom called Happily Divorced, which is centered on a wife whose marriage falls apart when she learns that her husband has been keeping a secret.

Drescher's co-star, Rita Moreno, was once a supporter of Congressman Weiner. Now, she is calling for his resignation.

"He does have to go, he really has to go. His poor wife…I wish her luck. She's a gorgeous, lovely, smart woman," Moreno said.

Republican Mark Foley, who quit Congress in 2006 due to his own sexting scandal, discussed Weinergate with Fox News correspondent Sean Hannity.

"I know what he's going through from the feeling of remorse because there's no question you feel terrible," Foley told Hannity. "It's impossible for me to analyze him. All I know is what I did when I looked in the mirror: resignation was the only option."

Despite calls for Weiner's resignation, a new poll shows that 56% of his constituents want their representative to tough it out.