Vegas Taxi Driver Helps Desperate Dad in Frantic Ride to Find His Daughter Amid Massacre

The driver said he too, was a father, and refused to take the man's money after they found her.

The Vegas cabbie who rushed a worried father to the Route 91 Harvest Festival as a deranged gunman opened fire from the Mandalay Bay hotel Sunday night wouldn't take the man's money after his brave act.

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As the visibly terrified dad got into John Zerquera-Jimenez's cab Sunday night, he instructed the driver to take him to the country music festival as quickly as he could.

The man's daughter had called him in a panic, saying there was a shooting at the concert.

"Get me there as fast as you can," the concerned father can be heard saying in video from the taxi. "My daughter's calling me. You gotta do what you gotta do." 

As they head out, the dispatcher comes on the cabbie's radio: "Active shooter. Mandalay Bay." 

The father's concern heightens and he is finally able to get through to his daughter and tries to keep her calm, all while the driver remains focused on getting to the area.  

The daughter tells her father she's at a Motel 6, located across from the hotel. 

 As the cabbie continues driving, potentially into harm's way, the concerned dad tries to express his gratitude.

“Listen, I’m gonna give you more money, pal,” the dad said.

“No, no, no, man. I'm a father too. I can do that for free,” Zerquera-Jimenez replied.

When they met up with the father’s daughter, Ashley, as well as seven other passengers, crammed into the back of the cab, but the driver didn’t mind.

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"Nobody was injured [in the cab]," the driver was happy to report. 

The driver also showed Inside Edition the text message that Ashley sent to him after he brought everyone to safety. 

"Hi John, it's Ashley. Thank you so much for being so brave to come toward the shooting to rescue us. You are a hero and my family and I will always be grateful for your bravery that night." 

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