Man Who Jumped on School Bus' Hood While Screaming at Driver Identified as Retired Teacher

The man has been identified as former teacher Leverne Doran, who claimed one of the kids had thrown a bottle at his car.

A former teacher in Maryland has been arrested and charged with disturbing the peace and destruction of property after he jumped on the hood of a school bus when it began to move as he shouted at the driver

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Leverne Doran, 68, who is retired, leapt onto the bus outside Baltimore last week after one of the students inside the bus threw a Gatorade bottle at his car.

The driver repeatedly told Doran to "get off the bus" while he fired back, "Open the door!" 

Children aboard the bus can be heard screaming as Doran slams his fist on the hood. 

Susan Copenhaver, who had two grandkids on the bus, told Inside Edition that she was so upset about the incident that she posted the video on her Facebook page.

"The children were scared to death and most of the children ran to the back of the bus and got under the seats,” she said. “After the video, the bus driver had reached a traffic light, so the bus driver pulled up there and stopped and when he did, the gentleman came to the door and after three or four times he was able to wedge the door open and then he entered the bus and started yelling at the driver.”

Doran’s lawyer Steven Silverman spoke to Inside Edition’s Steve Fabian about the incident. Fabian asked him whether Doran should have known better. 

“Actually, I think he did know better, that is the miscommunication right now between the criminal charges and what happened on the street,” he said. "It is not fair to brand Mr. Doran as anything but a responsible adult trying to do the right thing.”

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Fortunately, no was injured and Doran stepped out of the bus. The children, however, were terrified.

"I’m sure that this frightening experience will stay with them for many years to come,” Copenhaver said.

The kid who threw the bottle was suspended from school for three days.

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