Vegas Shooter Bragged He Was 'Biggest Video Poker Player in the World' in Uncovered 2013 Deposition

He claimed to have gambled up to a million dollars in a single night.

Stephen Paddock once discussed his bizarre "creature of the night" lifestyle in a 2013 deposition that has surfaced in the wake of last week’s horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas.

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“I'll gamble all night," he said in the deposition. "I sleep during the day. I do not do sun."

He added that he is "the biggest video poker player in the world," gambling up to a million dollars in a single night.

“Nobody played as much and as long as I did. I averaged 14 hours a day, 365 days a year,” he claimed.

He gave the testimony as part of a lawsuit over a slip-and-fall accident in the Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas.

Citing Paddock's habits outlined in the deposition, psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere called it “Batman syndrome.”

"Here is someone who lives at night, lives in the shadows, shuns the daylight, feels his greatest strength in the evening,” he told Inside Edition. “Basically is not a person who exposes himself to sunlight.” 

Meanwhile, Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn claims his hotels would have identified Paddock as a danger before he could have carried out his shooting spree.

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Wynn told Fox News that Paddock's act of putting a "do not disturb" sign on the door of his hotel room at the Mandalay Bay for three straight days should have been a red flag.

“That would have triggered an alarm here and would have been considered as a potentially dangerous thing from the guest's point of view, that maybe the person was ill. We would want to inspect and see that they were safe,” Wynn said. “We'd go into the room. We'd want to know more about anybody who was sequestered in a room for more than 12 hours.”

Paddock killed 58 people and injured more than 500 others in the Oct. 1 massacre. 

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