89-Year-Old Instagram Star Baddie Winkle Learns How to Mix Cocktails

"Enjoy every day you're here on this earth," she said as she starts on a list of new adventures.

This 89-year-old social media sensation is proving you're never too old to learn something new.

Instagram star Baddie Winkle is now learning how to mix a cocktail — and she likes her drinks shaken, not stirred.

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“It would be fun to really be a bartender. I think you earn a lot. And they seem to have a good time,” Baddie told InsideEdition.com. “I mix drinks at home. Whiskey and coke, stuff like that.”

A bartender at The Roof at Viceroy Central Park New York taught the great-grandmother, who has more than 3 million Instagram followers, how to make drinks she can now mix for her friends.

Baddie, whose real name is Helen Ruth Winkle, rose to internet fame three years ago when her great-granddaughter made her an Instagram page.

She’s known for unique sense of style, from her cropped tops to ripped jeans. 

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Outside of her love of fashion, Baddie Winkle says she's just trying to enjoy life. Next up on her list of life experiences is meeting a Dallas Cowboy, a helicopter over the Grand Canyon and traveling to Ireland.

“Enjoy every day you’re here on this earth," she said. "You're only here once. Do whatever you want to."

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