Wife Survives 4,000-Foot Fall After Husband Allegedly Tampered With Her Parachute: Prosecutors

British Army sergeant Emile Cilliers allegedly wanted to nix his wife from his life for another woman.

A sergeant in the British Army is being tried for attempted murder after prosecutors allege he sabotaged his wife's parachute while they skydived in 2015.

Despite the failure of her main and backup parachutes—and a 4,000-foot plummet to the Earth—veteran skydiver Victoria Cilliers survived.

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A U.K. courtroom recently heard a recounting of this miraculous survival story along with the accusation that Victoria's husband had wanted just the opposite.

Emile Cilliers, 37, allegedly removed vital components from his wife's parachute rig after inviting her out on the jump as a "treat."

According to prosecutors, Cilliers wanted his wife dead after promising to start a new life with a woman he met on Tinder, The Guardian reports.

Prosecutors allege Cilliers was in debt and hoped to collect his wife's $160,000 life insurance policy. They also claim he was sexually involved with a third woman, his own ex-wife.

Victoria Cilliers was discovered still breathing after slamming into the ground. She was rushed to a hospital with a broken pelvis, ribs and vertebrae.

An investigation reportedly found the malfunctioning parachute was tangled and knotted more than any one expert had seen. Two vital pieces were also missing from the rig.

Prosecutors also allege Mr. Cilliers had previously attempted to kill his wife by prying loose a gas pipe in their home before rushing off to work.

Victoria Cilliers smelled gas and messaged her husband “Are you trying to kill me?" though she later said it was just a joke.

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It was later that same day when evidence shows that Cilliers texted his wife to ask if she'd like to go on a jump, the same one that would nearly end in her death.

Mr. Cilliers has pleaded not guilty to two counts of attempted murder.

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