Mom Makes Halloween Costumes For Her 8-Month-Old Twins For Every Day in October

She started designing her own costumes when she was a kid.

A South Carolina mom is having double the fun this October as she dresses her twin daughters in an array of costumes in celebration of Halloween.

Lauren Mancke, a designer from Columbia, is creating costumes for her 8-month-old girls, Lera and Marigold, each day of the month.  

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“It’s great with twins," Mancke, 32, told "You can think of so many great duos, especially girl duos, so it’s been fun thinking up ideas."

From Star Wars' Rey and BB-8 to Pinky and the Brain, the costumes are made from items Mancke finds around the house as well as things she picks up in arts and crafts stores.

The mother-of-three first started the tradition with her son, Fox, when he was 16 months old.

“I thought eventually he’ll want to choose his own costume so I really wanted to get all my crafty energy out ahead of time while he was still a baby and be able to dress him up into fun things throughout the month,” Mancke said.

So when she had twin girls, Mancke’s friends, who’d thoroughly enjoyed the costumes she'd created for Fox, asked her if she would do it with Lera and Marigold.

“We decided, it makes us happy, it makes other people happy. We decided to do it and it has been really fun,” Mancke said.

Mancke has also dressed the girls in costumes inspired by the Mary Tyler Moore Show and the cartoon, Bob’s Burgers.

“I do them in the morning and sometimes the night before I work on them,” Mancke said. “I take their photo in the morning after they wake up from their nap and they're in a good mood and smiling.”

Mancke said she’s always loved making costumes. As a child, she designed her own for Halloween and her mom took her to the store to pick out what she needed.

“She always jokes around that she’d let me go and she’d clean up afterwards,” Mancke said.

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Mancke says she has no plans to stop making the costumes for her children.

“Everyone has been pleased and happy and they tell me that it’s a bright spot on their day to see the twins smiling," she said. "So we’re going to keep doing it and go until Halloween, and maybe even do some things afterwards."

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