INSIDE EDITION's Exclusive Interview with Weston Cage's Mother

There is more family drama for Oscar®-winner Nicolas Cage. His son Weston was rushed to the hospital after getting into a fight and now Weston's mother Christina Fulton claims to INSIDE EDITION that Cage won't let her see their son.

For Oscar®-winning actor Nicolas Cage, the family drama continues. His son, Weston, was rushed to the hospital after a severe beating. In an emotional interview with INSIDE EDITION'S Jim Moret, the young man's mother claims that Cage won't allow her to see her son.

"I'm fighting a guy that thinks he's God," Christina Fulton said. "I am a mother that has a right to go in there and see my son. Nicolas Cage is not above the law."

Fulton is a former actress who dated Cage in the late '80s. They never married, but had a son, Weston Coppola Cage.

Weston is now 20 years old and the lead singer of a heavy metal band. He had a small role in Cage's 2005 movie, Lord of War, and got married just six weeks ago.

The beating happened last week at The Farmer's Kitchen restaurant in Hollywood. Weston was reportedly beaten to "a bloody pulp" by a family employee. Weston, who Fulton says suffers from mental problems, is said to have "freaked out" and started the fight.

Weston Cage was rushed by ambulance to the UCLA Medical Center, where he was placed on a 5150, an involuntary psychiatric hold. Despite repeated pleas, his mother was never allowed to see him, or even allowed to talk to a doctor.

"Nicolas Cage has damaged and interfered and done something absolutely horrific, and I need to just go get my son," Fulton said.

Fulton says she hasn't been allowed to see or speak to her son in weeks. She and Cage are locked in a legal battle over the home where she raised their son.

"I am the one that raised Weston. I am the one that took care of Weston. His dad was very busy out working as an actor," she said.

Nicolas Cage was arrested on charges of domestic violence just two months ago after he allegedly got into an argument with his wife, Alice Kim. Kim did not press charges.

The actor didn't reply to our repeated requests for comment.

Fulton, however, remains heartbroken.

"What do you want your son to know?" Jim Moret asked.

"Honey, I'm here for you and I'm sorry that you are here, and I'm going to help you," Fulton said.