Car Dealer Gifts Truck to Brave Veteran Who 'Stole' Vehicle To Help Las Vegas Shooting Victims

He said he is no hero.

The owner of an Arizona car dealership has gifted a truck to the veteran who "stole" a vehicle during the Las Vegas shooting to take victims to the hospital.

Shane Beus, owner of B5 Motors in Arizona, wanted to give Taylor Winston something special after the 29-year-old Marine found a pick-up truck near the scene of the shooting on Oct. 1 and transported nearly two dozen injured people to safety.

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On Monday, Beus gifted Winston with a Ford F-150 from his dealership.

“My biggest reason was the example that he showed to myself and my children, and because of his selflessness,” Beus told “He acted so quickly. He ran back in there under fire to help the most critically injured people. So I think he needs to be shown as a hero as an example to America.”

After reading about Winston's heroic actions, Beus put up a post on social media to ask for help contacting him and strangers soon got in touch.

Once Beus found Winston, he gave him a choice between a used truck and two other vehicles which cost around $20,000 each.

The car dealership posted a video to Facebook showing the moment they handed over the vehicle to Winston. It had been viewed more than 40,000 times by Tuesday afternoon.

Although Winston put the lives of others before his own as bullets rang out, he denied that he's a hero.

"There was a lot of bravery and courageous people out there,” Winston told CBS News after the shooting.

Winston explained that when he was looking for a truck to help people, he came across one that had its keys inside. After transporting the victims to hospital, he returned the truck to its owner, reports said.

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Winston reportedly plans to sell his old vehicle and give the proceeds to the fund for Las Vegas victims.

“He was very humble,” Beus said. “This man and his girlfriend are completely humble and grateful to be here to help the [surviving] victims.”

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