College Mascot 'Cosmo the Cougar' Steals the Spotlight With Epic Dance Routine

The Brigham Young University mascot has set the internet on fire.

Brigham Young University’s mascot is a dancing machine that is setting the internet on fire, as well as elating game crowds.

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Cosmo the Cougar is a national sensation based at the Utah university located in Provo.

When grow up I want to be cosmo the cougar.

— Hunter Siegel ;( (@HunterSiegel) October 10, 2017

His name is @cosmothecougar and he's my favorite.

— Rowdy Child (@EmilyMichelle01) October 10, 2017

This cougar is awesome! via @youtube

— laura hsieh (@laurahsieh) October 10, 2017

The cool cougar has stolen the spotlight from the Cougarettes dance team at football games.

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Inside Edition caught up with the squad, but Cosmo wouldn't utter a word because the mascot's human identity is a closely guarded secret.

“We are so excited and shocked,” dancer Shay Edwards said of the attention. “We didn’t know this would happen.”

“It is incredibly hard,” dancer Nicole Thorley said. “He has to have so much stamina and endurance because you kind of can’t breathe through the mask.”

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