Family Uses Home Security Cameras to Watch Firefighters Battle Blaze: 'How's My House?'

The California family watched the fire from 50 miles away after evacuating.

A family checking their home security camera from 50 miles away saw firefighters desperately trying to kick in the front door of their house — which was going up in flames.

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The drama unfolded in Anaheim as terrifying wildfires raged through California.

A security camera hooked up to the front doorbell sent a live signal to the homeowners' cellphones. The couple had evacuated their house to stay with their son, Michael Ludwig, in Long Beach.

Everyone watched helplessly as the nightmare unfolded on screen. 

As a firefighter hosed down the property, the homeowner and his son communicated with the team through the intercom.

Ludwig asked: "My dad wants to know, 'How's my house?'" 

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“Your house is still standing,” a firefighter responded. “Your neighbor's house didn't make it.”

Ludwig said there was a "sigh of relief" from his father. 

It is estimated that the damage from the wildfires could top more than $65 million. 

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