Vets Save Deadly Cobra That Had Its Head Stuck in Beer Can for 4 Days

The snake likely would have starved without intervention.

Veterinarians in India saved the life of a deadly cobra after its head become stuck in a beer can.

For four days, the highly venomous spectacled cobra slithered around in the Budweiser can and came close to slitting its own throat as it tried to escape.

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The reptile had been crashing around the inside of an abandoned water tank in Bhubaneshwar city, in the southern Indian state of Odisha, when it was found.

Vets had to painstakingly cut away the metal and perform a two-hour operation to stitch it back to health.

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The thirst snake is expected to make a full recovery.

"The cobra will be completely fine in one month," Prof. Biswajit Jena at the Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology said. "If need be, the snake may undergo another surgery, but it is out of danger now."

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