American Teen Escapes ISIS in Syria: 'When You Walk Outside, There's Intestines in the Street'

A Kansas teen who escaped ISIS in Syria says she wants to go home.

When she was just 10, a girl from Kansas was forced into Syria by her father, and held captive there for five agonizing years.

She saw horror daily, despite being shut up in a house and covered head-to-toe in an abaya and a niqab that shrouded everything but her eyes.

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“We were prisoners," she told CBS News on the outskirts of Raqqa, where she was living inside a mosque after her father and her husband were killed in military strikes. "We were just quiet.”

She was constantly berated by her father, she said. “Shut up, sit down, you’re in the house. You have nothing to say. Be glad you’re head isn’t chopped off,” she claims he told her.

She misses her mother, she said, and wants to go home.

“Mom,” she said to the camera. “If you see this video, please contact me.”

Because she is a juvenile, her name was withheld from the videotaped interview.

She has seen things no child should ever see.

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“When you walk outside, there’s intestines on the street," she recalled. "There’s a head cut off from the shrapnel. There’s a leg.”

She also is six months pregnant with her dead husband’s child.

She dreams of being a good mother.

“I still have hope,” she said. “Hope to go to school, hope to be a mother to my child.”

But for now she is stranded, in northern Syria, waiting for ISIS fighters to be driven out of Raqqa, where 4,000 civilians tremble in fear.  

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