Amid Weinstein Scandal, Lisa Guerrero Reveals Unsettling Encounter With Steven Seagal

It was 20 years ago when Guerrero said she was subjected to unwanted come-ons while casting and shooting "Fire Down Below."

Lisa Guerrero is all too familiar with bad behavior as Inside Edition's chief investigative correspondent, but 20 years ago, she says she had an experience similar to what many women say they have faced with Harvey Weinstein over the years. 

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Before launching her TV news career, Guerrero was an actress. She was invited to an audition at the estate of one of Hollywood’s biggest action stars at the time – Steven Seagal.

"If you are an actress in Hollywood you have been Harvey Weinstein-ed. I was Harvey Weinstein-ed by Steven Seagal,” she said.

At the time, Seagal was casting his latest film, Fire Down Below. He told her she was up for the lead role.

“When I knocked, he came to the door in a silk robe and nothing else,” she recalled.

The parallels to the allegations made against producer Harvey Weinstein are striking, but Guerrero had insisted that a female casting director accompany her to the meeting.

"I left walking away, thinking, 'Thank God I was with another person'," she recalled. 

Nothing physical happened. Guerrero says she was invited to a callback, but was asked to come alone. When she refused, she says she was cast in a much smaller role.

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Guerrero also detailed another disturbing incident that happened on set.

“He walked over and asked me to go to his dressing room," she recalled. "And I said no."

In the end, she wound up being cut from the film entirely.

Other women, including Jenny McCarthy, have also claimed the Above the Law star of made inappropriate advances.

Seagal has reportedly denied all those claims.

Guerrero says she's telling her story now to shed light on Hollywood’s notorious casting couch culture.

"Let these men know we are going to start talking about it, and we are going to start naming names and it is time to stop," she said. 

Inside Edition requested a comment from Seagal concerning Guerrero’s statements but received no reply.


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