Doctor Seen Berating Patient Before Booting Her From Clinic

The flu-stricken woman had asked for her $80 copay back after waiting for an hour and 15 minutes at the clinic.

A tense showdown between an angry doctor and a flu-stricken patient has been caught on tape at a Florida clinic.

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Jessica Stipe was recently suffering from a severe case of the flu, and had been waiting at the Gainesville medical facility for an hour and 15 minutes as her symptoms worsened.

She demanded the staff refund her copay so she could go home, which  they did. 

Stipe told the doctor that she made an appointment for 6:30, to which he replied: “It's 7:45 and we've already been working on you. We've done a urine test on you. I've seen you.”

"You came in and said, 'I'm going to check your pee,'" she replied.

After discussing how long the encounter to check her urine may have taken, Dr. Peter Gallogly asked Stipe if she wanted “to be seen or not,” to which she said she wanted to be in her bed.

“Then fine, get the hell out," the doctor retorted. "Get your money and get the hell out. See you later."

Dr. Gallogly eventually told the woman to "get the f*** out of my office." 

The entire confrontation was captured on cell phone video by Stipe's 16-year-old daughter, Courtney.

When Courtney said that she was recording the entire encounter, the doctor got irate and grabbed the phone out of her hand.

“I told him, my daughter's a minor and I’m calling the police," Stipe recalled to Inside Edition. "I did dial 911 at that time and he stopped my daughter’s recording and threw her phone down the hallway and cracked the screen."

“I'm livid! Stipe told Inside Edition. "The way he spoke to us, that was completely unethical and uncalled for"

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In the police report, witnesses say Stipe was using profanity and making threats. Stipe claims that is not true and said the video shows the only altercation that transpired. 

Dr. Gallogly says Stipe was "belligerent and abusive to the office staff.”

He did apologize, however, saying in a statement: "I regret losing my temper and speaking to the two women in a manner that is not befitting a medical doctor."

Others in the medical field agree.

"I think that this goes beyond what is acceptable," Dr. Jake Deutsch of Cure Urgent Care told Inside Edition after watching the video. "Certainly losing your temper is one thing but using profanity and having an altercation by hitting the phone just shows a total lack of control." 

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