Sex Offender Discovered in Homemade Police Uniform When He's Pulled Over by Real Officer: Cops

Two men were pulled over in Ohio, each with a history of sex crimes.

Deputies in Ohio were perplexed during a recent traffic stop when they discovered a man in the car was dressed as an officer of the law.

The Wayne County Sheriff's Office said driver Erik Brubaker, 35, of Medina, was wearing a homemade police uniform and carrying handcuffs and pepper spray when he and his companion, 20-year-old Caleb Barnhart, were pulled over recently. 

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When police checked for their criminal histories, they say both men were found to be registered sex offenders.

"Certainly anytime you pull somebody over and they are wearing a badge and have the word police across the front that's going to cause additional questions on behalf of any officer conducting that stop," Wayne County Sheriff's Office Captain Doug Hunter told reporters.

After Brubaker allegedly admitted he'd been fired from his security guard job, police say Barnhart told them separately that the men were on their way to confront a female rape case witness.

"It appeared that the reason he was wearing this uniform may have been to intimidate this young lady to answer his questions or perhaps to go away with him to some other location," Hunter said.

Authorities also learned that Brubaker's license had been suspended. He was arrested and charged with one count of driving under suspension.

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Barnhart was arrested and taken to the Wayne County jail on a probation violation. 

A Wayne County prosecutor will determine whether to press charges related to the uniform.

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