Kindhearted Stranger Walks Around Randomly Handing Out $100 Bills

He is doing it to spread some kindness, and he hopes it inspires others.

Some pedestrians couldn’t believe their luck as a complete stranger handed them $100.

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The generous man's name is Jeff Buell and he lives in upstate New York.

He believes the world definitely needs a little kindness these days, so he's giving away $50,000 of his own money to total strangers on the street, $100 at a time.

“The only thing I want you to do — I just want you to have a good today and I want you to be nice to people as best you can,” he told one pedestrian.

Buell believes that his acts of kindness will inspire the recipients to pay it forward.

A sanitation worker named John was one of them, handing a $10 to a toddler on the street.

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Buell is not a billionaire — he's not even a millionaire. He's just a good guy who wants to spread some joy.

“I probably shouldn't be doing this," he told Inside Edition. "Nobody would say that this is a really great idea."

He runs a Facebook page called “Do the Next Good Thing,” where he profiles some of the recipients of his cash and spreads his message of kindness and hope.

For more information on his initiative, click here.

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