Coal Miners Belt Out 'Star-Spangled Banner' Before Heading Underground for Work

As Josh Stowers sang the national anthem, his teammates at Mammoth Coal Company held their helmets over their hearts.

A video of a group of coal miners singing the Star-Spangled Banner before their shift is making its way around the internet.

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Josh Stowers, an underground miner at Mammoth Coal Company in West Virginia, was caught on camera belting out the Star-Spangled Banner as his other teammates held their helmets over their hearts.

“We have daily safety meetings before every shift, before these guys go underground,” Shane Wriston, who caught the moment on camera, wrote on Facebook.

The post has since been shared nearly 10,000 times and the response is overwhelmingly positive.

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“Proud Americans and the epitome of our West Virginia people. God Bless all of you,” one commenter wrote.

Another wrote: “As a military mom whose son just returned stateside, I thank you all for this! Best part of my morning! God Bless America!”

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