Woman With Rare Amnesia Disorder Disappears Just Before Hurricane Maria Hit | Inside Edition

Woman With Rare Amnesia Disorder Disappears Just Before Hurricane Maria Hit

Friends of Hannah Upp are concerned that she may not know who she is or that she's even missing.

A 32-year-old teacher in the Virgin Islands has been missing in the days since Hurricane Maria hit — and is now the subject of a desperate search.

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Hannah Upp suffers from a rare case of amnesia called dissociative fugue.

According to her friends, she was last seen on the morning of Sept. 14 at her apartment. As day turned to night, she never returned home.

The following day, some of her personal possessions were found on the beach, but Upp was nowhere to be found. 

Maggie Guzman, the woman's best friend, said Upp “may not know she is missing. She may not know who she is.”

Volunteer Jake Bradley has searched one end of the Virgin Islands to the other and has so far had no luck.

One theory is that Upp may have taken the ferry to Puerto Rico, as many Virgin Islanders did in the mistaken belief they would be safe from Hurricane Maria.

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Inside Edition went to Puerto Rico to take up the search. Flyers which were printed were dropped off police stations.

At an emergency shelter, some U.S. Homeland Security officers believe they may have spotted Upp.

And this is not the first time Upp has disappeared under strange circumstances.

She vanished in 2008 while living in New York City. After more than two weeks, she was plucked from the frigid waters of the Upper New York Bay with no memory of how she got there.

It happened again in 2013, when she was missing for two days in Maryland.

The family asks that anyone who sees Upp should immediately call 911 and approach gently as she might be confused or disoriented.

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